Opal is known as “Stone of happiness” (bringing happiness) and/or “Stone of Hope” (bringing lights), which have been loved by many people such as European royal families and the aristocracy since ancient Roman times.

Hybrid Opal Collection of MIZ Japan is totally “NEW” as Jewelry frames.

Usual Jewelry frames are using metal and/or tortoiseshell frames and attach precious stones like diamonds by prong setting or glue.

However, in case of Hybrid Opal Collection, frame itself is made from Opal (even it is artificial), and it is very simple and smart Jewelry frames.

Moreover, Hybrid Opal is available for fitting by heating around 70degree centigrade.


This time, “Full Opal Models” – both front and temples are made by Hybrid Opal have been released.

Solid gold parts used at the end pieces and spring parts of temples are raised high-grade sense and fittings.


Also 2 new colors - Navy Blue and Coral Red – included in the standard colors - White, Pink, Black, and Green, becomes 6 colors in total.  



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