Our frame is introduced in the Magazine "Men's Club" 2017/02.



Hybrid Opal

The latest luxury material incarnated by emerging technology.


■ Brand Profile:

This is one of the factory brands of MIZ Gold-Eyewear who is integrated manufacturer of 18Kt Gold, Ag925 Silver, and PT950 Platinum precious frames.  They are producing their frames using machines and manual procedure properly,


■ The improvement of chemical technology is also improved the design of frames.

The material using the above frame is “Hybrid Opal”.  That is the high tech material developed based on the result of the experiments done at the international space station by study group of economy cooperation.

With the high technology, they have created the bigger size crystal which size is unavailable for the natural opal.  By cutting and processing the materials, MIZ JAPAN created frames which has special rainbow colors of opal itself, and has enough solidness.

Moreover, by using 18kt gold parts, it looks luxury and fitting on the face is much better.



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