Hybrid Opal Collection (video) 


“Hybrid Opal Collection” is the latest collection of MIZ JAPAN using a new form of Synthetic Opal.

Hybrid Opal is the evolutionary new material which has been developed based on the results obtained in space experiments performed on the International Space Station (ISS) by research groups including the Academic-Industrial Collaboration.
Synthetic Hybrid Opal offers the benefits of discovering new possibilities such as the large size and easy workability which could not be achieved by natural opal.
Hybrid Opal can make the large size crystals which could not be achieved by natural opal, and so it becomes possible to make front and/or temples for optical frames.

Comparing with natural opal, beautiful play of color effect will be expressed in a stable manner.
This play of color is only available from the structure of opal, other materials can not imitate it.
The temple made from Hybrid Opal can be fitted by heating.

Hybrid Opal is the new materials which has evolved standard synthetic opal to moreover. Therefore, depend on the identification institution, it may not obtain as “Synthetic Opal” through the identification result.



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